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Invest in Iraqi Dinar

Low rates and fast shipping - Guaranteed Authentic

Iraq Facts

Why Invest in Iraq?

The Iraq Dinar is at an all time low due to the current war, but we feel because of the rebuilding of Iraq led by the United States the Dinar is set to spike in price making this a phenomenal opportunity.

For example. the price of Dinar before the current war:
$0.33 Per U.S. Dollar which is 165 times greater than the current price.

The price of Dinar before the first war: $3.35 Per U.S. Dollar which is 1675 times greater than the current price.

With so many of the world countries now helping in the rebuilding of Iraq we feel the Dinar is ready to explode in value! Many people missed out on purchasing the Deutsch Mark when it hit an all time low because of World war II. Many people missed the opportunity to purchase the Soviet Russian Ruble. Again, many people missed the phenomenal opportunity to purchase the Dinar in Kuwait when it was at rock bottom prices because of Desert Storm. We feel we have a great window of opportunity once again but, just like before - it won't last forever.

People who recognized and purchased these devalued currencies at rock bottom prices and then simply cashed in the currency when the country regained their stability became instant millionaires. The Dinar has already doubled in just the last few months. Look at the chart below for current prices. This is for a limited time so fill out the order form or call us right away to purchase your Dinars. We are not sure how long these current low prices will last.

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Our Current Low Prices:

25,000 Dinar
50,000 Dinar

100,000 Dinar

1/4 Million Dinar
1/2 Million Dinar

3/4 Million Dinar

1 Million Dinar
2 Million Dinar
3 Million Dinar
For orders of more than 3 Million Dinar call or email us for possible better rates...

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We accept personal checks but all checks must clear before we ship. We also accept money orders, and cashiers checks, but PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH! Send payment to:


Chiacgo IL 60621

Questions: Call  312-327-6752

Contact:Fred Lipscomb






     Q: When can I expect my Dinar after placing my order?

          A: Your Dinar the same business day that we receive your  
order and payment is confirmed.  We will also send you an e-mail with your FedEx tracking number.

     Q: How do I know my Dinar is genuine?

          A: The New Iraqi Dinar has been designed to be incredibly difficult to counterfeit.  With security features including watermarks, color changing elements, metallic ink, a security thread and an imbedded ultraviolet image, the New Iraq Dinar has more security features than the new 20 dollar bill. 

Pictures of the New Dinar displaying security features 

(This link will begin a download)

     Q: How much is shipping?

          A: Shipping is free to anywhere in the United States.  International fees may apply and will vary.  All purchases will be shipped FedEx.

          Q: What kind of return can I expect?

          A: Dinar Trade can not guarantee any specific return.  However, judging by the increase in market value since the release of the New Iraqi Dinar, and by the value of the Dinar in the past, we expect a significant increase in market value.

     Q: How can I exchange my New Iraqi Dinar for Dollars?

          A: After the coalition is dissolved and Iraq's sovereignty is restored, New Iraqi Dinar will become freely traded worldwide.  Once the currency goes on the world market you will be able to exchange Dinar at your own bank.

Economic conditions in Iraq are recovering very quickly.

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Rich get richer, Now its your turn to cash in.

You can e-mail us at:

 Contact:Fred Lipscomb


Refund Policy

Refunds can be accomplished by sumitting and email to us 30 days of the purchase at within your e-mail pleas include the order number and a brief explanation of why you are requesting a refund. When you revieve confirmation of refund please allow 15 business days for a completion of transaction.



While the Dinar is not yet traded on the WCE, its introduction is slated sometime in late june after the return of her sovereignty. For more information in this matter please visit.